Celebrating 13th Years in Business

Elevating the Standard

The primary purpose of business is to build wealth. If you need help with that, accept our invitation to ingnite your flame.


The primary purpose of business is to build wealth.

Torch Enterprises is committed to assisting women and minority entrepreneurs and organizations to elevate their standard of business and legacy to wealth.   

Dr. Pamela Jolly

Successful businesses are relationships that build, grow, and expand wealth. My business, Torch Enterprises helps entrepreneurs navigate the roadblocks and pitfalls businesses and their owners face when pursuing opportunities to establish these milestone relationships.

My vision for Torch remains what it was 12 years ago; to raise the capital and awareness necessary to elevate the standard of business and legacy to wealth. For too many of us wealth is uncharted territory.  Part of my legacy is to change that. 
Ignite your flame today.


Torch stands for passing the Torch from one generation to the next to build legacy wealth in our communities via ownership.  Choosing to create, build, grow, and expand your business is a continuation of the legacies of many who came before us.  Our mission is to ensure your business stays on the road to success.  

Torch Enterprises Inc upholds the values of exceptional service, ethical practice and quality strategic advisory services to small and medium sized businesses desiring to build and grow in a sustainable way.